Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

I trust this message finds you well. My wishes and congratulations to all the good people who journeyed with Don Bosco School during the glory of past accomplishments. Now let us set the stage for relevant actions leading to a transformative future in education.

The theme chosen for the coming year is ‘Encompassing Change’: A positive and progressive change in Skills, Motivation, Resources, and Action Plan towards the achieving the Vision, for Future Success in Education. This theme encapsulates the holistic approach that Don Bosco School has embraced over the years, emphasizing the transition and interconnectedness of various elements crucial for educational accomplishment.

The foundation of any successful educational institution lies in a clear vision that guides its endeavours. The school’s untiring commitment to its vision of ‘holistic development of children’ has undoubtedly been a driving force behind its accomplishments over the past decade. Let’s create more opportunities to reflect on this vision and its evolution, and strive more on shaping the educational landscape.

Skills development is another cornerstone of success, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of cultivating not only academic proficiency but also life skills that prepare students for the challenges of the future and Don Bosco School’s dedication in fostering a diverse range of skills among its students has undoubtedly contributed to their holistic growth.

Motivation acts as a powerful catalyst for achievement. Our school’s ability to inspire and motivate its students, educators, and stakeholders has played a pivotal role in the institution’s progress. We should highlight and appreciate the motivational initiatives that have fuelled the school’s journey thus far.

Adequate and advanced resources are fundamental to the realization of any vision. Don Bosco School has state-of-the-art facilities, be it faculty, infrastructure or technology, it is a ‘FIT Institution’ the effective utilization of resources has been a key factor in its success. Recognizing and valuing these resources is integral to sustaining and enhancing the institution’s educational impact.   .

However, it is crucial to caution against the potential pitfalls of relying solely on vision, skills, motivation, and resources without a well-defined action plan. As we reflect on the achievements of this excellent institution, let us also underscore the importance of an actionable roadmap for the future. Without a comprehensive action plan, there is a risk of treading on a treadmill of good intentions without tangible progress.

We hope to inspire other educational institutions to adopt a similar integrated approach to education, and chart a course for an even more successful and impactful future.

Best Regards,

Rev. Fr. Xavier Packia sdb,

Rector and Correspondent, Egmore.                                                                                                           Academic Year 2023-2024