Scout Troop

The Scout Troop of Don Bosco Egmore, have achieved many awards and brought several glories to the School. The highest award for excellence in scouting is the Rashtrapathi award and achieving it is the goal of every scout. The Rajyapurashkar award or the Governor award is a stepping stone to the Rashtrapathi award. There are two terminal camps lasting five days each Troop and Patrol meetings are conducted on weekly basis. All these activities really help the students to prove their talents.


Our School NSS unit is formed for our Higher Secondary Students to assist in day to day activities like checking personal cleanliness of our boys in School NSS volunteers are involved in taking care of cleanliness of School Campus and class rooms lend a helping hand during School programmes like hall arrangement and maintenance of discipline besides to have hands on experience of the suffering poor, visits of homes for orphans old age homes, etc. will be arranged for the NSS students during Christmas and Pongal festivals. Our volunteers who wish to reach out to others will have a fruitful experience.

Bosco Education movement

Bosco Education movement is a movement engaged in Welfare activities of the poor and the under privileged school children of Chennai. The Management of our school through the help of the Members of this movement organizes various competitions that bring out the latent talents of the less fortunate children. In doing so we believe the leadership qualities of our own students are given expression too.
Through this Bosco Education Scheme, the Management Sponsors over 522 under privileged students in the state by Contributing Rs. 2000 per student for their education purpose. Further this movement also lends a helping hand to the children of the nearby corporation school by distributing uniforms, notebooks and other furniture to them.We are proud to be a part of this noble work which is carried out by this movement and we hope to function more efficiently this year too.

Road Safety Patrol

The Road Safety Patrol (RSP) is an important educational campaign launched towards educating school children about the importance of Road Safety, traffic rules and regulations by way of direct participation and voluntary acting involvement. The usage of the foot over bridge was made compulsory by implementing new rules and regulations. Training sessions for March Past were held on Saturdays. The RSP is an organization comprising of selected boys from various schools and educational institutions who play an important role in preventing road accidents by regulating traffic in and around the vicinity of their respective schools. As RSP cadets these boys help in maintaining order and discipline among the school children during the peak traffic hours of morning and evening, when the school sessions begin and end. The cadets undergo training covering all the basic aspects regarding traffic safety. Today, we have about 5000 school children from various schools spread over Chennai city enrolled in RSP. Under the guidance of our C.O.P (Commissioner of Police), Joint Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, the Road Safety Patrol are now making inroads into corporation schools also.

Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross is the Student’s Wing of the Red Cross.It is a group movement organized within schools.Pupils who take part in Junior Red Cross activities are known as ‘Juniors’.The teacher, who guides the pupils in JRC activities, is called “COUNSELLOR”.Junior Red Cross groups were first organized in 1926 in Punjab followed by other states.The Principles of JRC are Health, Service, Friendship. Junior Red Cross is based on the three-fold programme namely Protection of health and life, Service to others and International Friendship. These activities help young people to develop their mental and moral capabilities to the fullest, the result being that they become good citizens.The youth unit aims to have young people recognized by societies leadership as equal partners who address the vulnerable.