1. Fr. Gatti Gold Medal First in SSLC Exam
2. Vummidi Sri Ramulu Chetti Memorial Gold Medal Second in SSLC Exam
3. Dr. P.K. Krishnan Kutty Silver Medal First in English in SSLC Exam


4. Vummidi Chandraiya Chetty Memorial Gold Medal First in Tamil in SSLC Exam
5. Mrs. Geetha Parameswaran Cash Prize First student in the XII Public Exam
6. Lion S. Parameswaran Merit Scholarship Best Student in Computer Science in Std. XII
7. Grand Master V. Anand Scholarship Most deserving student in Sports
8. Dr. Pratap Reddy Award Outstanding Cadets in Scout, RSP, NSS and BEM
9. Nitin Seshadri and Praveen Seshadri Award Students of Std. XII who secure highest mark in the electives
10. Student M. Chandrasekar Memorial Prize Best student in Physics in Std. XII
11. SBP Pattabhi Rama Rao Award Securing First Rank in Std. XII
12. Mr. Strong Galada’s Trophy Overall Performance in Academics (Topper in X & XII) and Sports (One student from Std. VI to X and one from Std. XI & XII)
13. Vummidi V Sudhakar Gold Medal First in English in the Second Year Hr. Sec. Exam
14. Vummidi S. Balaji Gold Medal First in Maths in the Second Year Hr. Sec. Exam
15. Vummidi S. Rajesh Gold Medal First in Social Science in the SSLC Exam
16. Mr. Nadesan Srinivasan and Mrs. Yogambal Srinivasan Scholarship Award instituted by N. Venkatakrsihanan First in English, Tamil, Economics, Commerce and Accountancy
17. A. Shankar Silver Medal First in Science in SSLC Exam
18. Sunil Shankar Award Best outgoing student academically
19. Master A. Maria Gnanam Cash Award First in English in the Hr. Sec. Exam


20. Chrisyl Award First in Catechism (Std. IX)
21. Mr. Suvikan’s Award First in Catechism (Std. VI – VIII)
22. Grandmaster V. Anand Rolling Trophy by DBPPA Outstanding Sportsman of the Year
23. Award of Rs. 10,000/- by Mr. Sundeep Gneriwala, Past Pupil (1987 Batch) Deserving Student of Std. X
24. Past Pupils of 1985 Batch in memory of their three

classmates (Rs. 5000/- each)

Three most worthy students from VI – XII
25. Vivek Jaggi Memorial Trophy Excellence in Academics
26. Award of Rs. 5000/- by Dr. Anton James Alan J. (Batch 2007) Highest Mark in Biology in the Higher Secondary Public Examination
27. Cash Award Rs. 15,000/- by M/s. Vijaya Stores Toppers in Std. X, XI & XII